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Today I had my first laser session at The Cosmetic Clinic in Sylvia Park. 

If you haven't already heard about The Cosmetic Clinic, they are the leading Clinic for laser hair removal in New Zealand. So, I am embarking on a 9-month long journey (lol, but SO worth it in the end) for full leg laser hair removal. AND IM SO EXCITED. 

This post is for people like me, always forgetting to pack a razor when traveling, and hate the thought of enduring a painful wax every month. Or even if you want to learn a little bit more about how the treatment works! 

The word 'laser' can be quite daunting, but in fact actual laser itself had very little resemblance to what I pictured it would look like from my knowledge of Star Wars. And in fact, you don't even see the laser! Instead you wear some cute goggles, which always remind me of this scene hahaha:


My first session was around 45 minutes. You have a quick consultation, fill in some safety forms and then get straight into it. 

The best part about it was that I genuinely had zero pain! a few 'pinch' like sensations which lasted 1 second.  All up the actual laser part only took 20 minutes (a lot quicker than waxing). Looking forward to having hair-free legs this Summer!

I know that some of friends have struggled with laser hair removal treatments in the past because their hair was too light, or their skin was too dark. The Cosmetic Clinic actually have separate machines for lighter and darker skins/hair colours.  


I have now had five of my laser hair removal session with The Cosmetic Clinic in Sylvia Park. I responded really well to the first few sessions, so my treatments were pushed back to every 6-weeks instead of 4-weeks.  

This summer I have hardly had to shave my legs! It has been so handy. I still have around 5-6 more sessions to go, to ensure that the hair doesn't grow back.

The clinic have actually given me a discount code to share with you all for the month of January! 

You can get 15% off Skin & Laser Hair Removal treatments purchased in January (you can also prepay for packages during the month and use them throughout the year). Valid at all three clinics: Sylvia Park, Westfield Manukau, Westfield Riccarton. The discount excludes injectables and products.

Just mention my name when booking or screen shot this post and take it with you! 








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