The Brow Gal @ About Face


First off, for 19 years of my life I never filled in my brows with a pencil - if they were lucky, they'd get the odd comb and pluck but other than that, NADA.

Whys that?.. well I have had some tragic experiences. 

I swear back in the day I would endlessly scroll past Facebook videos of ladies threading or filling in their eyebrows with about 10 different products to create the 'perfect' on fleek brow. I experimented twice using similar techniques but ended up looking like a man.

Also turns out that brow products are v-difficult to remove without making a mess, so would end up walking around all day like this: 



Flash-forward one year, I now would never leave my house without 'Browgal'n' my brows. 

One of my close friends got me on to a product called The Brow Gal which focusses on teaching women how to do their brows themselves but more importantly, focusing on creating a natural look that suits each individual, as everyone's brows are so different from shape to colour to thickness...etc. 

So for the past 6 months, I have had a total of 5 sessions with the lovely therapists at About Face Clinic in Remuera. After my first visit my therapist mentioned that my brows were a good shape naturally (but definitely needed some tidying up!). After threading the majority of 'fluffies' and plucking out the stubborn, she tinted some sections of my eyebrows which were lighter in colour, so that the natural shape of my brows were more defined. 

After every visit I literally could not stop looking in the mirror, as vain as that sounds (lol), my whole face changed! It was suddenly a lot more proportioned as my left brow had always been a bit wonky. 



About Face offer an amazing Brow Design service, the first session teaches you the secrets to full, natural looking brows using Tonya Crooks BrowGal techniques. You will learn how to recreate the same look at home. The session includes and eyebrow shape, colour match and lesson ($50). 

After 4-5 weeks you can then book in for a maintenance session where again they will shape and clean up your brows! ($35)

What I love about The Brow Gal is that the products are super easy to use, especially when you are in a rush in the morning. My favourite product from the range would have to be the Convertible Brow palette as it's perfect for a natural feathered look and you can build up intensity depending on the occasion. 

x L