My Top 10 Picks For Summer Beauty

With the change of season comes a change to my beauty routine.  Winter colours, the need for heavy moisturisers and matte foundations are all out the door and in their places are warm shades of ochre, glittering bronzing powders, products that leave your skin dewy and fresh, and of course, a good fake tan. So, below are my 'must-have' products for the season.

The Majority of the products are self-explanatory, however there are a few I would like to elaborate on a little: 

Firstly, if you haven't heard of blinc mascara before then you are in for a treat. It's basically a miracle mascara that somehow knows when to wash off and leaves no panda eye residue! blinc is the original mascara to 'tube' the lashes rather than paint them like conventional, oil-based mascaras. blinc’s unique formula is a rubber-based acrylic copolymer that forms a tube around each lash that cannot run, smudge or flake. It's not waterproof, but it's perfect for hot days sipping cocktails by the pool. BONUS: It's easily removed with a combination of warm water + pressure, no eye-makeup remover needed!

SecondlyGarnier skin naturals BB-cream is a life-changer. Not only did I save $$$ when I switched out my expensive daily foundation for this supermarket-bought miracle cream, but I also found my skin really improved. My blemishes decreased and my complexion evened out amazingly well (crazy, I know.) The BB-cream comes in two different formulas, one for normal skin and one for a more oily/combination skin type. TIP: I use this BB-cream in the colour 'Light' in summer as the medium is QUITE a jump and can leave you looking more along the lines of "I have been lying on a yacht under the European sun for the past 6 months and slathering on carrot-infused tanning oil daily" rather than "I had a lovely weekend outdoors on Waiheke".

Lastly, almost a year ago I was lucky enough to have my brows done by Tonya Crooks, the founder of The Brow Gal. I find her products so simple and enjoyable to use! The Brow Gal aims to revive your natural brow shape through an in-person consult and then you hone the look at home, through the customised guidance and education provided by your technician. The About Face team were personally trained by Tonya when she visited New Zealand for the brands launch, so book an appointment with them for a complete understanding of optimal brow maintenance! 

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1. Clinique Super City Block 40SPF - $52 Available at Farmers

2. blinc Mascara - $49 Available at Apotheka

3. Bobbi Brown 'Bronze Glow' Highlighter - $46 Bobbi Brown

4. Clinique Contour Chubby Stick - $57 Available at Farmers

5. Eco Tan Firming Mousse - $45 Available at Natural Things

6. Pure Fiji Coconut Hydrating Body Lotion - $49 Available at AboutFace

7. Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream - $20 Available at Countdown/New World 

8. Brow Gal Eyebrow Set - Available at AboutFace

9. Gel Nail Art  'A Touch Of Glitter' - Available at Cherry Navas

10. Osmosis Clear Plus Hydration mist - $68 Available at Osmosis NZ







Images sourced from Google and Pinterest.